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Show Off Your Home Town! A Photo Contest!

We had so much fun with the Lion Brand Shelfie contest that we decided to give you another chance to show off your photos! This contest has a few differences, though. You can enter via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! We’re taking it to the street! (or beach, or sidewalk, or park…) What To Do It’s…

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Queued Up: In The Bag

This week (May 23 – 29, 2019) on the Lion Brand site we’re featuring travel projects. These include things you can take along and also several bags that can be packed as projects for the road or used to pack for your travels. Included in the assortment of kits are a few new styles as…

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Ease Ain’t Easy: A Discussion On Sweater Fit

I’ve been knitting for around 15 years and can execute complex lace and design intricate cable patterns, but getting the correct amount of ease in my garments sometimes still eludes me. First, what is ease? There’s a lot more on this below, but basically it’s the amount of inches more or less than your actual…

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